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How Much Life Insurance do I Need?

Unfortunately, no Insurance Agent knows how much life insurance any individual or couple needs without determining through probing questions, “what is the actual need?”. The only way to discover the real need is what we call a, LIFE NEEDS ANALYSIS “LNA”. An LNA is not...

Term Life Insurance Policy Review

Q: I am 15 years into my 20 year term life insurance policy; what do I do in five years when the 20 years is up? A: It pays to speak with an Insurance professional who will review your current life policy and discuss your options before the existing policy ends. Life...

Declined for Life Insurance?

Q: I’ve been declined for Life insurance due to my health; what do I do?      A: Thankfully, we at the Brian Linkous Insurance Agency represent up to fifty (50) different Life insurance companies for clients who are in excellent health and also for those having...

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